My name is Alessandra (Ali) Zagame. I was born in Paris, France, though raised primarily in Worcester County, Massachusetts. Despite having no musically inclined family members, music has always been a huge part of my life. I begged my mom for voice lessons when I was twelve, and it all began from there. I became involved in music theater and A Cappella groups until I eventually auditioned and was accepted to Berklee college of music in Boston.


At Berklee I discovered a love of songwriting and began creating my own music. My first EP was very personal, and I continue to release songs with a similar singer-songwriter feel. Many of my poems and songs share themes; I use my work as a release and want to be honest with myself as well as my audience in every piece.

Besides being a musician, I am a poet and a self-published author currently starting work on my third novel as well as a model in the Boston area. 








The Nitty Gritty...


Well in addition to everything you read above, I'm also an advocate for rape and bullying victims. This is what prompted my first EP, released in March 2016, called 'Speak Up, Speak Out.' Half of profits from that EP go towards sexual assault, domestic abuse, and body image victims, as well as members of the pro-mental health awareness community itself. 

 Around that time, songwriting became extremely cathartic for me and that's when I realized how I could use my songwriting to help others. In the end, that's my ultimate goal, after all. Changing the world with music!



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